Home Sales are on the Rise, Yet Again, In North Raleigh NC!

0514_sale_pending_sign_304Home sales are on the rise, again! Existing-home sales continued to improve in August. They’ve reached the highest level in 6 ½ years, and show no signs of slowing anytime soon. Total existing-home sales, which include sales of single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, rose 1.7 percent in August. That’s an adjusted annual rate of 5.48 million. July’s annual rate was 5.39.  Existing Raleigh home sales are 13.2 percent higher than in August 2012. The housing market is finally starting to look up and stay up for the first time in quite a while.

To take a further look at the  housing market’s recent past, visit our blog posts here or here. We began tracking the current state of the housing market a few months ago, and the progress has surprised us time and time again! The housing market seems to really be turning around. After 6 years of battling drops in new and existing home sales, we are excited and ready to help you sell your current home! It’s time to purchase the home of your dreams!

Raleigh Realtor | Home Sales on the Rise

It’s no secret that homes sales have been skyrocketing. In fact, since May, home sales have been as high as they were in February 2007 when they hit 5.79 million and they have remained above year-ago levels for the past 26 months. Though rising interest rates did push more buyers to close home buying deals, those rising rates aren’t expected to rock the housing market negatively anytime soon.

Those hoping to sell their home and move to Raleigh have a better chance than ever to make that happen. It’s important to act now. Monthly sales are likely to be a bit uneven in the months to come because of the uncertainty of the potential rise in interest rates. It makes sense to sell now instead of waiting to see what happens later.

For a closer look at August’s home sales including more details from current statistics visit back with us soon! You can also take a look at our online housing market listings and call one of our expert Raleigh real estate agents at The Roark Premier Team!

We believe that selling or buying a home before 2014 will be most beneficial! Why wait!? Call our Raleigh Realtor office today!

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