Are You Ready to Purchase a Home?

Raleigh real estate agentsWelcome back! In our last blog post, our Raleigh real estate agents asked a simple, yet often difficult question; Are you ready to buy a home?

While the circumstances may vary, all home buyers must be ready, emotionally and financially, before buying a home. Whether you're a first time home buyer or a repeat buyer, you must be ready. As our Raleigh real estate agents stated last post, buying on impulse when you see a must-have pair of shoes, purse or tablet might be acceptable, but buying a home on impulse might not be. Buying a home requires a lot more time and consideration.

Today, we are going to focus on talking about first time home buyer emotions, as well as, how to consider financial readiness for both first time home buyers and repeat buyers!

First Time Home Buyers | Raleigh Real Estate Agents

First-time buyers have emotional decisions to make that deal with commitment. Deciding to buy and live in a home, and the community it’s in, for at least five years takes time and consideration.

Buying a home is a lifestyle choice that involves many things:

  • What type of community would you like to live in?
  • How do you want to spend time in and around your community?
  • How far away from work do you want to live?
  • Do you want neighbors? If so, how close would you prefer they be?
  • Do you need/want recreational amenities in the community?
  • Are you interested in living in the city limits or downtown?

Making a priority list for a home and community will help you decide where you want to be and whether or not you’re mentally and emotionally ready to own a home.

According to, you should "feel emotionally satisfied by your choice, but you should also feel financially comfortable that you’re buying a home that you can afford and that you feel confident will hold onto its value or hopefully increase in value over the years."

Are You Financially Ready? | Raleigh Real Estate Agents

In our next post, our Raleigh real estate agents will go over the ins and outs of what it takes, financially, to buy a home. There are several factors that go into being financially ready, aside from money, itself. Be sure to visit back with us soon, to find out more about how to decide whether or not you're financially ready to buy a home!

If you’re considering buying a home, contact our Raleigh real estate agents at Roark Premier Team, today! It's time to get started with the process of searching for your dream home! We will work with you, until you find your next home! So what are you waiting for? Call now! At Roark Premier Team, we have a team of expert Raleigh real estate agents standing by to help you get your home sold during one of the busiest times of the year for real estate!

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