Renting Vs. Buying

Raleigh real estate agentAre you considering buying a home this year? Are you tired of throwing away money on rent? If so, it’s time to get serious about the home buying process. First off, it’s important to understand why you’re having reservations about buying a home. Our Raleigh real estate agent is here help you understand why you’re worried about buying a home for the first time.

It’s normal to feel scared and nervous about a large purchase; especially a home. It’s a life decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. It’s the biggest financial decision of your life and could be the only time you ever purchase a home. So, your reservations about home buying are to be expected. They’re also a great indication that you’re ready to buy a home! Those that aren’t ready to buy never give it serious thought. They never get to the worried stage of considering.

In addition to understanding your reservations and why you’re having them, it’s also important to make sure you understand the home buying process. To learn more about what all goes into home buying for the first time, visit back with our previous post, here. You’ll find a short description of the overall process from beginning to end!

Is Buying a Home For You?

Weighing the pros and cons of renting versus buying might be a great way to begin the consideration process of buying a home.

Renting vs. Buying | Raleigh Real Estate Agent

There are a few key reasons many people rent versus buying:

Maintenance Issues – When you buy a home, you’re responsible for all upkeep and maintenance. If something needs repaired, you deal with it. This alone is one of the most overwhelming things to consider when buying a home. But, thankfully, there’s a way to account for this issue when you buy a home. Experts suggest you set aside 5% of the purchase price to cover maintenance and repairs when you buy a home. That way, the first issue will be covered partially, if not all the way. Then, you can begin saving for another issue after that.

Job Relocation - Those that live in a big city like Raleigh NC always have the possibility of needing to relocate to another area for work. Whether it be temporary or permanent, owning a home might pose an issue. It's important to make sure you'll be in the area at least three years before buying a home so that you'll be able to sell it with no problems.

For more information on renting a home vs. buying one, be sure to visit back with our Raleigh real estate agent in our next blog post!

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